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Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Interesting link. Complete with resources on blogs.
Haloscan is down again!!!
I need a new commenting system! Can someone get google to buy one please?

*Update* I've got a commenting system for the meantime. Maybe I will switch over but I dont know yet. It looks cool and everything but the time zone cannot be customised. I have found some other commenting systems such as Backblog, Reblogger, and what Kelly is using now, Squawkbox. (these are provided in the link above) Other recommendations are welcome!
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Amazing Race?

I had a fun day today. My friend and I went to this french place to have cheap french food. They pride themselves on keeping the prices really low; they only accept cash. However, they may have been a little too enthusiastic about staying cheap. It's located at a horribly-hard-to-find place. We took a bus from town and walked like forever! But because it was at the older part of town, we got to see old buildings that I havent seen for years. Pictures provided below.

Well, we called the place up but the french guy who answered gave us the wrong directions! We walked and walked and were so tired, we decided to get a cab. It didnt get to move like 200 metres when we found the place. The cab driver was nice enough to say that we didnt need to pay, but we paid anyways.

It felt so much like an Amazing Race episode. We are almost like Flo and Zach really, although I'm more like Flo than Zach. I wasnt really whining but god I was really tired! My only contribution to this, if we were actually in the race?
I can only drive. Yup! I can't read maps, I cant carry heavy things, I cant run very fast, though I dont think I would mind trying "extreme things" (like abseiling or sky-diving etc) so that's one up from Flo, I guess.

Mike: have you watched Daredevil? It's got the Alias chick, Jennifer Gardner!

a Roy Lichenstein sculpture in town

the long long long road

finally! *what an original store name, we thought*
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Saturday, February 22, 2003
Oh no! Archives are missing! I was trying to tweak it in such a way that the archives will appear on the main page itself, instead of another separate page. What went wrong?!
Please help!

/itchy fingers
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This error page is hilarious! I love it.
Thanks Pete (new link)!
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Alright folks, dilemma again!
For those of you who have been reading this for a while, this will look all strangely deja vu.

Up-coming Concerts
Rolling Stones 24 and 26 Mar
The cheapest tickets are like 100 bucks! (US75 I think) and the most expensive! A eye-popping 500 bucks!! Aaaarrrrggh!

Moby 1 April
I dont think that he's really that great (though I do like that Porcelain song) so I dont think I will go for this.

David Gray 30 April
This is not too bad. I might go for this. I really enjoyed his White Ladder album though I havent start on the second one yet. hmmmm.

Decisions, Decisions...
Money... where to get the money.... where.

/muttering under my breath

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Blogger is getting all weird-out again.
I sure hope this is temporary, especially in view of the fact that they should be moving on to more reliable servers at google's.
But when this all settled, I might reconsider upgrading to a Blogspot Plus account.. hmmm. Image hosting!

Nothing much to report or blog about. I have been stressed with chapter 1 (only!!) of my thesis. It's called the Affirmation of Failure and I'm staring at a live and very real version of it right now, as the empty page stares right back at me.

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Friday, February 14, 2003
Hmmmm...Valentine's Day today.
I went to work as usual today. But there were loads of people in town with flowers and presents and nice clothes and generally smiles all around.

However, I have come to a conclusion that a guy, no matter how cool or good-looking, does NOT look good carrying a bunch of flowers (which was causing me sniffles by the way, as I walk past them) while waiting for their girlfriends who are late. They tend to do one of the following:

1. repeatedly looking at their watches
2. furiously typing messages on their mobiles (probably demanding to know why their gfs are late)
3. generally just avoiding eye contact with everyone, esp if there is another guy doing the same thing just next to them.

I went straight home after work today. It didnt felt weird or anything. Come to think of it, I havent had someone for a while. When someone asked me why, I really couldnt explain as well. Seriously, I dont know. Maybe I'm just weird, cos I do like to be alone most of the times. Hmmm.

p.s.: I know this probably looks really dumb but what does "l33t" stand for??
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Saturday, February 08, 2003
Taking Pictures

I like the idea of taking pictures of the things/objects/ buildings that one finds aesthetically pleasing. It is not only a memento, a record, if you like, of the things that have affected you in a deep fundamental way, but it is also a good way to check yourself (rather forcefully I may add) in the mad rush of life. It forces you to physically stop and consider the picture-worthiness of a particular object or building. In this way, I think, one is at a better position to appreciate life at a slower pace: to see through the world through the lens as it were.

On the other hand, I also think of the ridiculous, non-thinking snaps that tourists (not travellers! big difference) sometimes take on their trips. Before they could even take in the sights, they are already snapping away, and thus losing the moment that the sight offers. Worse still, they pose around the building/site/whatever with only the intention to record a "I've been here...have you?" just so they can show them off when they get home.

It makes me wonder if they are actually taking pictures for a memento, or if they are desperately trying to capture the instantaneous and fleeting feeling when confronted with an awe-inspiring or just interesting site, or if they are merely taking pictures to rub them in whoever's faces when they get back from their holidays.

the side of a building shot at a weird angle

the skylight

On a totally random note, does anyone know the html that allows readers to "refresh for more" quotes? Please let me know.

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Thursday, February 06, 2003
One of the coolest taglines from an ad that I have seen for a while.
It's from Emirates:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Saturday, February 01, 2003
IT's a tragedy but the Columbia Space Shuttle exploded on reentry to earth and NASA lost communications with the 7 crew members on board, one of which is an Israeli. It is generally expected that an emergency landing is not possible at its then-altitude which was about 90km.

I was watching the news and the sad thing is that people are actually connecting this to a possible terrorist subotage. I mean, for fuck's sakes! This just goes to show how paranoid everyone is.
Of course, taking a cynical point of view, it's easy to say that it's not that big a deal, especially if we take into account the number of people who died everyday from albeit-comparably-more-ordinary circumstances. But I think in a somewhat subconscious way, a space shuttle represents some sort of a possible future for all humanity, even though only 2 countries are represented in its crew members. It's sad.
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