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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Something to live for

The new Teenage Fanclub is coming out May 9! This is their new album in like 5 years, no? I'm really happy. Although I probably get the US version from Merge instead of the UK one, even if that means I have to wait till June 7. Hopefully they will have some kind of preorder system. Is there a preorder thing going on for the UK release? I can't find the website for the label PeMa.

The Teenage Fannies mean a lot to me, and my ipod as well. It's one of the few bands that my ipod keeps throwing at me (when in random mode). Its favourite songs? "Mellow Doubt" and "Neil Jung."
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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Emusic is a cool site that offers music downloads for a rather small monthly fee. There seems to be no other restrictions, as members have complete flexibility to burn CDs, and make multiple copies of downloaded music for personal use. I signed up for a free trial a week ago and they give you 50 downloads free, even if you decide not to stay on after the trial period.

Right now, I'm trying to decide which ones to download. For even if they do have a rather impressive catalog, some bands/labels are glaringly missing (e.g. Wilco, Bright Eyes, Subpop) and they dont always have the latest album for the band (e.g. they have every single album for The Wedding Present, except Take Fountain...which is also the only 1 I want). Help me decide.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My life is a bore

There hasn't been much to blog about lately. I do just about the same things everyday: work, home, work, home. I dont know if I'm getting old but I sleep really early nowadays. When I say "sleep," I really mean "crash." It's all I could do to stay awake for Desperate Housewives (Mondays 10pm). Now that it's Thursday, I feel a little more alive. But just barely.

That, however, could be because of the Tortoise gig tonight. And I'm watching it for FREE! Aaahhhh...the power of connections.
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Saturday, March 05, 2005


*picture removed*
This is a really cool restaurant my friend and I stumbled upon on our way to somewhere else. It's called "Fisherman's Wharf: Oysters and Fish & Chips." The odd thing is that the menu has no oysters at all! But the Fish & Chips were really really good! They were huge, to begin with, and really fresh. And the whole thing was dirt cheap too! The only shitty thing about the restaurant is that they charge really high prices for drinks. Oh well.

That was more a week ago. Old news, I know. But I just realised I've been assuming the word "akvavit" in the picture is "upstairs" in English, but can someone tell me what language it is?
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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I've got bad karma!

It's been an unbelievably horribly bad bad week, especially today. Someone must have put a goddamn curse on me cos there is no way I have that much bad karma. Everything that can go wrong did. From screwups at work to just basically bad timing, bad traffic, horrible people who think nothing of squeezing you into a corner in the train and basically just suffocating you with their super-bad breath (is it even possible to smell bad breath if the person doesnt even open his stupid mouth?? I know the answer now: YES) GOD!!

And I found out that I have been charged 7 times on my credit card for something I tried to get over the internet and my card was declined, because apparently my billing address doesnt match something-or-other, so obviously I thought I got my address wrong. After several attempts, I gave up since I kept getting that error message. And to my horror, when I checked my card, it's been charged every.single.time I tried getting the card through. I emailed the shop and someone had better get to me quick or I will really go.stark.raving.mad.

All these just put a new meaning to the phrase "Thank God It's Friday (tomorrow)."
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