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Saturday, May 07, 2005


*picture removed*
I'm back. Took some pictures that you can check out on flickr. They are mostly pictures of buildings. I havent uploaded them all yet though.

I had a great time in Manchester. It's more of a trip to chill out, not really a shopping trip or even one of sightseeing. We did check out a couple of places, and spent 2 days in London. London was fun, even when it was raining and we kept getting lost on the way to the hostel. I forgot to bring out my camera on the first day out and could have taken pictures of the magnificent British Museum. If you have been there, you will know what I mean. The building was gorgeous! And the Reading Room was breathtaking. The exhibits... wow! I dont even think we finished checking out half the exhibits before they close at 530. But stuff in London is so expensive!! I would have been so broke if I spent a couple more days there. Maybe next time...

I spent most of the time in Manchester. It's like most cities, only the buildings are really old and cool. It was cold though, about 12C everyday. It probably isnt much to bitch about but when you come from Singapore, which is about 20C MORE everyday, it's a pretty big deal. The worst is when you just get up in the mornings and it's so grrrwww cold that all you can do is pray that the water boil real quick so that you can get a cup of hot tea into your system as fast as you can, just to stop the insides from shaking, if nothing else. And sometimes the wind is so strong that I thought I was getting airborne the next minute if it doesn't stop.

But, stupid as it may sound, I like the cold. Even when your insides are shaking and the tea is taking such a long time to course through the body, even when your fingers are shaking as you try and smoke the first cigarette of the day, hell, even when you can't even feel your fingers shaking... it's invigorating. I feel more awake, more aware, more alive somehow in the cold.

It's a real shock to the system when I stepped out of the Singapore Airport yesterday. The rush of the first heat wave is like a slap to the face and it's disgusting! A coat of fine perspiration immediately clings itself all over your body and I feel so sticky within 2 seconds. I wanted so much to hop on a plane back, but I'm here now, trying to get used to the weather again, trying to get a grip cos I'm going back to work on Monday and that must be the single most depressing moment ever!
posted by Sharon K at 10:47 am


Blogger Mike said...

welcome back - as it were
will have to review photos...

6:46 am  
Blogger Massimo said...

Strange. Being used to 12 degrees Celsius, I'd like it to be 20 degrees warmer, but I must say that here 'up North' we tend to be very perfectionistic and effective - perhaps because of the cold weather.

So sad that you feel depressed. Be sure to look at the pics in your lunch break to keep up the good spirits! (^_^)

3:19 pm  
Anonymous brandon lee said...

hey man ! just to tell u that im a singaporean and i stumbled upon your blog..

the weather here is not that bad!! u will get used to it in a while, its good to sweat and let it all out sometimes..

seriously, ull be loving the weather soon.


10:21 pm  
Blogger scornfate said...

the heat has obviously gotten to your head.

11:04 pm  
Anonymous KristĂ­n said...

12C is quite warm, actually. And the wind here is nothing to speak of, you should spend a winter in Iceland for comparison.

Haven't been to Manchester myself. It's where my parents met.

12:12 pm  

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